Drive interested brides to Shine's website.
Ensure that users coming from these high funnel ads are fully engaging with the site.
Build an audience of highly engaged users to retarget to.
Increased engagement rate by 35.39%.
Increased average engagement time length by 4100%.
Increased the number of views per session by 234.4%.
Shine traditionally used landing page views (LPVs) as the goal of their highest funnel campaigns. The main idea was to get interested brides to the website, so they can look around and find out more information about the brand.
We ran several ads in a campaign aiming for LPVs, and initially, they looked like they were doing amazingly. We were getting high numbers of people to the site at a very low cost per landing page view. 
I was excited about these results, however, when I watched user sessions coming from these ads on LogRocket, the vast majority of the users were landing on the page, but not actually taking any actions: they didn't scroll or click around at all. They sat on the page for a moment, and then left.
I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, as the landing pages used in these campaigns had performed very well in other campaigns. I looked deeper into the LogRocket stats, and 91% of sessions were no more than 1 second long, which was deeply concerning. We didn't want to pay to get people to the site, but not have them look around or show any interest.
I knew we were going to have to get a bit creative with our highest funnel ads, given that we couldn't trust the LPV traffic coming from Meta. In an effort to drive more quality traffic to the site, I wanted to test a new custom conversion event on Meta. I set this custom conversion up to be triggered on the first click a user makes, and called it "PageClick". I thought that a click wasn't overly much to ask a user to do, while still enough to signify an engaged user.
I launched another Engagement Meta campaign, targeting the exact same audiences as the original LPV campaign, but optimizing for the PageClick conversion event this time around. The initial results were highly encouraging. We got enough PageClicks over the first weekend to pull the ads out of the learning phase, below the target price the CEO set.
When I watched the sessions that came from this new campaign through LogRocket, the majority of the users were either engaged (a couple of clicks and some scrolling) or highly engaged (several clicks and lots of scrolling). The engagement rate, average session engagement time, and the views per session increased significantly from the original LPV campaign, so PageClicks became Shine's preferred campaign optimization method for their highest funnel ads.
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