Start regularly posting organic videos with trending audio.
Expand Shine's following to help grow client base organically.
Show appreciation to past clients and vendors by featuring their weddings and their work.
Compared to feed posts alone:
Increased average engagement rate by 519%
Increased average like count by 69.4%
Averaged 86 new followers per week
"The most impactful wedding images are the ones that capture the small moments when you're the happiest! We loved Sarah + Tim's photos because they were so joyful and excited to be together and with the people they loved ❤️"
25,100 views  |  1,932 likes  |  43 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
Feature one of Shine's favorite weddings in a fun,
trendy way. This trend was incredibly popular at
the time, and it fit Shine's wedding niche perfectly.

"We couldn't stop watching these videos, so we thought we'd hop on the trend! Get to know us a bit more😊"
21,600 views  |  228 likes  |  10 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
This one was meant to be all fun.
Another very popular trend at the time, and a great way to show Instagram users a bit more about Shine's "personality" as a company.
"Haley is looking gorgeous in letterpress printing! The bold script font really stands out in this printing style. The deep impressions are super luxurious and will set the tone for the gorgeous wedding to come!"
13,500 views  |  123 likes  |  16 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
Show off one of Shine's most popular designs in an interesting way that would get people to
stop scrolling.
"You can't go wrong with any of these wedding trends! From the classic elements to modern touches, there's sure to be something perfect to add to your big day. Are you loving these trends as much as we are?"
7,265 views  |  139 likes  |  8 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
As wedding professionals active in our community,
we frequently came across new trends early on in their lifetimes. This video was an interesting way to feature some real wedding images and spread the word of up and coming ideas to brides still planning their weddings.
"Did we tell you how divinely and utterly happy Natalie makes us? These romantic invitations would be the perfect addition to your wedding day!"
6,061 views  |  100 likes  |  13 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
Again, the thought behind this video was to come up with something quick and beautiful that featured another of Shine's most popular designs. There was an added bonus of the trending audio coming from one of the staff's favorite movies,
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
"When you order with Shine, you'll work one-on-one with a designer to perfect your stationery. She'll be the one who initially designs your stationery, and will be with you throughout the entire process to make changes and answer any questions you may have. 
We also send over a full suite mockup with your proofs, so you can get a really good idea of how everything will look once it's printed."
5,798 views  |  102 likes  |  15 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
The main thought here was to adapt the trend of artists showing off their work to what Shine did for each of their clients. We regularly got questions about how the ordering process went, and we wanted to show a little bit of a sneak peek into what to expect, while also portraying exactly what your designer does.
"Recently engaged and starting to look at wedding stationery? Here's all the information you need to include on your save the date cards! 
Your names - Be sure to include at least your first and last names so everyone knows who's getting married.
The Date - Make sure your guests know which date to save! 
The City and State - Traditionally, you don't need to include anything more than the city and state on your save the date cards. It's enough information for your guests to start to plan their travel, without being overly specific. That way, you can either send the cards before finalizing your venue, or you can switch to another venue if needed without causing confusion. Save the specifics for the invitations themselves! 
"Formal Invitation to Follow" - Lets guests know that this is not the invitation, and that they should be on the lookout for a full invitation suite with more information at a later date. 
While you certainly can include other information, like your wedding website, the details above are the only things traditionally necessary to include on your save the dates! 
Have other wedding invitation etiquette questions? Drop them in the comments for our experts to answer!"
4,863 views  |  59 likes  |  14 shares
The Idea Behind the Video: 
All of Shine's staff are wedding experts, and we frequently received questions from clients about what should be included in their stationery. This video was posted just after engagement season, and was meant to be a quick and easy reference for what should be included on save the dates, with everything soon-to-be brides would need explained in one place.
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