Build community among our followers, past clients, and fellow vendors.
Get prospective clients excited about their wedding stationery.
Leveraged the power of Stories and Highlights to ensure vital information was
easily accessible and readily available for new clients.
Increased the number of profile visits from Stories by 2100%
Increased Stories engagement rate by 400%
Increased number of sticker taps by 116%
Mockup Monday
Shine used to receive a lot of requests to see specific names in different designs before ordering, usually about 5-7 a week. These requests took a lot of time, and pulled designers away from clients that had already ordered. 
With that being the case, I thought asking for couples to submit their names and favorite designs would be both fun for new clients and beneficial for the company.
Brides who's names were selected were ecstatic to be chosen and to see their names in a professional photo, which was easily sharable with the rest of their planning teams.
This stories series saved the client designers 30 minutes each time someone requested to see their names before ordering, as they didn't have to design each request on the spot any more. They could simply respond with the date of our next Mockup Monday so the client could submit their names. It saved them time, and clients were always excited to keep an eye out for the next date.

Real Wedding Features
The goal with this series was to shine a light on clients who had recently had their weddings. Brides are always very excited to receive their wedding photos in the first place, and then to have them featured by a big company is just an added bonus. It was simply fun to get excited with them! 
These were also a great way to show appreciation to our fellow vendors for their amazing work.
Real Client Messages: 
"I saw that you've featured my wedding on your Instagram! It literally made my day!"
"Thank you so much for the kind feature! I LOVE how the wedding invitations came out! Thank you gain for the great service and beautiful stationery 🙏💕"
"I love this! I have been crazy busy at work today but this was
such a bright spot in my day ❤️"
Crowd Sourced Invite Styling
The main thought behind this series of stories was, again, mainly fun. At the time, crowd sourcing anything was very popular, and I wanted to see how I could make that work for the wedding stationery niche.
Overall, these were amongst the most popular stories from the last 2 years. They reached 263.5% more people than the typical
story series, and received lots of responses to the poll stickers.
Resource Stories (IRL and Shopping Stories)
Something that Shine always had in spades was professional photos of their invitations "out in the wild" and their own product imagery. 
I thought that an IRL (In Real Life) story highlight would be a great addition to Shine's Story Highlights, as real examples of what brides could expect their invites to look like in their own wedding photos. I also thought a series of stories that featured Shine's top 5 performing designs would be a great way to catch the attention of people interested enough to look through our highlights, and get them to the site with easy links to follow. 
While these weren't stellar performers when they were first posted, and they weren't meant to be, having them preserved in the account highlights has been a great resource for potential clients. Initially, they didn't out perform any of our other stories, but over time, the number of non-follower accounts they've reached has
surpassed the typical story by 1030%.
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