Launch a TikTok account to establish a presence on a brand new platform for Shine, where their
larger competitors had yet to start an account.
Post once a week to maintain a presence and slowly build company trust with the
next generation of brides.
Test new styles of video footage, video topic, and audio selection, to see what might
work best on this new platform.
Maintained an average 7.37% engagement rate over the lifetime of the account.
Increased the percentage of people who watched full videos by 74%.
Steadily grew the number of followers week over week.
"Engagement photos are a great way to get excited for the big day and to connect with your photographer. That way, you'll be comfortable enough in front of the camera to show your true feelings, and your photographer will be able to capture every silly, touching, and loving moment!"
1,353 views  |  65 likes  |  3 shares
The Idea Behind the Video:
This video was another test video that I launched on both Instagram and TikTok, to see if there was any crossover in what would perform in both places. Surprisingly, this video did much better on TikTok than it did on Instagram, while other videos of this style have done well on Instagram. It was good to learn that this overall style of video can perform well in both places.
"Recently engaged and starting to look at wedding stationery? Here's all the information you need to include on your save the date cards! 
Your names - Be sure to include at least your first and last names so everyone knows who's getting married.
The Date - Make sure your guests know which date to save! 
The City and State - Traditionally, you don't need to include anything more than the city and state on your save the date cards. It's enough information for your guests to start to plan their travel, without being overly specific. That way, you can either send the cards before finalizing your venue, or you can switch to another venue if needed without causing confusion. Save the specifics for the invitations themselves! 
"Formal Invitation to Follow" - Lets guests know that this is not the invitation, and that they should be on the lookout for a full invitation suite with more information at a later date. 
While you certainly can include other information, like your wedding website, the details above are the only things traditionally necessary to include on your save the dates! 
Have other wedding invitation etiquette questions? Drop them in the comments for our experts to answer!"
1,092 views  |  14 likes  |  5 saves
The Idea Behind the Video:
This is another video that I launched on both Instagram and TikTok,
as it was the first attempt at an educational video. This was still early on in Shine's TikTok account, and I was very pleased with the results and encouraged to see that educational videos could be good content topic here on TikTok.
"A romantic setting, creamy florals, and a gorgeous neutral color palette, and a donut cake? Sign us up!"
1,003 views  |  8 likes  |  4 saves
The Idea Behind the Video:
I thought this wedding was a great chance to see if a simple, gorgeous wedding feature without an overall topic would do as well here as it typically did on Instagram. It is among our top performing reels here
on TikTok, so I made sure to keep this style in the rotation.
"After getting engaged in 2019, Nicole and Thomas's wedding was rescheduled 3 separate times due to the pandemic and venue cancellations. They waited a total of 952 days so they could have the party of a lifetime with all of their friends and family. We know a lot of you were (and are) in similar situations to theirs! Rest assured, the big day will come, and you'll have an absolute blast, just as Nicole and Thomas did!"
703 views  |  8 likes  |  3 saves
The Idea Behind the Video:
I personally loved this wedding, and thought that their story would resonate with other couples that have been in a similar situation with the pandemic. While it wasn't among our top performing videos, I still loved the final product and how moving the photos and audio were together.
"Have you considered what stationery you're going to use on your wedding day? Whether you're looking for programs, menus, table numbers, or place cards, we've got it covered! Everything will look beautiful displayed on your wedding tables 😊"
404 views  |  30 likes  |  2 saves
The Idea Behind the Video:
This video was Shine's first foray into video shot specifically for social media. The main idea was to show off the stationery in a new, and different way. I thought shooting footage of the stationery styled as if it was a wedding reception could be interesting. While the number of views was a bit discouraging, the number of likes it got was the second highest for any of Shine's videos. The percentage of people who viewed and liked the video was the highest of all of our videos, so I definitely think this style of video is worth trying again, to see if we can get similar results with a higher viewer count.
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