Play into the seasonality of Shine's product, and drive additional interest in
wedding reception stationery.
Appeal to brides that ordered invitations from another company,
and get them interested in our day of products.
Build an audience of people interested in accessories to retarget to.
329 engaged users in the first few days of running, most of whom were brand-new users.
92.63% engagement rate - 11.07% over the average.
The most users and clicks from any other Instagram running at the time.
The most popular products that Shine sells is wedding invitations. We see the majority of our brides ordering their invitations early in the year, but not returning for wedding reception stationery. This exacerbates an already strong seasonality in the wedding industry. 
 We wanted to see if we could increase interest in our range of wedding day stationery to help extend our busy season. The initial idea was to help encourage existing clients to order additional stationery for their wedding, while also appealing to new clients that didn't order invitations with us, but needed wedding day stationery quickly. 
I went with a campaign optimizing for page clicks (see LPVs vs. Click Case Study for additional information), to build an audience of highly engaged users to then retarget for a purchase campaign. The ads included varied between photo-based videos, photo carousels, and static carousels. I've included the videos below.
This campaign hasn't been running more than a few days, but I was excited by the initial results! We had over 300 engaged users from these ads in the first couple of days. The engagement rate from this campaign is 11.07% over the average, which is pretty exciting. 
While we don't have enough information to analyze purchases yet, but we are well on our way to building a highly engaged audience for retargeting in a purchase campaign.
The Idea Behind the Ad: 
Wedding day stationery isn't usually ordered until a month or two before the wedding day. With this being the case, I wanted to combine romantic real wedding images with reception stationery product photos, to appeal to brides who are getting close to the big day, and are in the market for wedding day stationery.
Launched on: 
Instagram  |  TikTok
The Idea Behind the Ad: 
This video was created to show off several different products in our most popular designs. I wanted to show a range of products and designs, as new clients don't always realize that we offer a full range of stationery beyond invitations. They also don't know that we offer more than 50 different designs, and surely have something that will be gorgeous at their receptions.
Launched on: 
Instagram  |  TikTok
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